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portrait & wedding collection options

There are two main things to consider when deciding which collection will be right for you: session length and end products desired. I will absolutely help you make this decision, but to help you plan ahead, the options are below.


Up to 1 hour shooting time
Location| Downtown Salt Lake
Digital proof download
Online gallery for 2 weeks
5 high-res art edits



Up to 2 hours shooting time
Location| Salt Lake County
Digital proof download
Online gallery for 1 month
10 high-res art edits
40 image custom book



Up to 3 hours shooting time
Location| Northern Utah
Digital proof download
Online gallery for 2 months
15 high-res art edits
80 image custom album
Choice of finished wall art



Up to 8 hours shooting time on wedding day
2 hour bride and groom session
2 hour engagement session
Location | Northern Utah
Digital proof download
Online gallery for 2 months
20 high-res art edits
120 image custom album
Choice of finished wall art


my advice

For most portrait sessions, I recommend booking my Signature Collection. It's long enough for you to warm up to the camera and also leaves wiggle room for non-compliant children, time for a second location, or outfit changes if desired.

The Signature Collection includes plenty of high-res art edits to decorate your walls and most importantly, a custom book you'll want to keep on display. A printed, tangible book is the best way to tell your photographic story and an investment that only grows in value as the years go by. Trust me on this one. I've had one too many hard drives and online backup failures to believe anything else. My new motto is, if you love it, print it.

With that said, sometimes you just need something short and simple to get the job done. Or maybe you're looking for a high-end heirloom producing experience complete with an incredible album and finished wall art piece. Whatever your need, I'll do my best to meet it.

As far as weddings go, I'm all in! If you want me to tell the story of your big day I will do just that. Besides capturing the moments, I will shower you with gorgeous pre-wedding engagement and bride & groom images. When it's all said and done, you'll be left with the album of your dreams and your first work of finished art to hang on the walls of your new home.

I won't be offering any other wedding collections besides this all-day-one. If I'm going to shoot your wedding, I want to be a part of the whole of it! However, if your budget doesn't allow for wedding day coverage, don't dismay. There's a good chance whatever wedding image you've fallen in love with can be and likely was created at a portrait session. So simply book a bride & groom portrait session and you're all set!

“Family shoots can be stressful, but time and time again, Liz delivers with way too many incredible photos to choose from. I'm always surprised because my children are a disaster to work with but she knows how to capture their natural expressions which makes my mom heart so happy.”


Will you help me decide what to wear?

Absolutely! We'll discuss your vision for the session and then the right attire to bring that to life. If you're dressing an entire family, I'll even put together a digital color swatch card you can send out so everyone will know what colors they need to wear. If you have a store that never lets you down, shop there. But if you're wondering how to find the most flattering styles and the exact colors you want, consider thrifting your outfit. My experience is thrift stores aren't limited to what's trendy right now so you'll have a full range of colors and fits to choose from. It does require a little digging, but I love a good treasure hunt. Maybe you will too.

Should I get my hair and makeup done?

Professional hair and makeup makes everything easier for everyone. Your proof images will need less retouching, you'll feel less stressed because someone else is in charge of making sure you don't have a bad hair day, and you will look your absolute best. With that said, if you are confident you want to rock a totally natural look, I always love celebrating raw beauty. If you decide to do your own makeup, add a little extra because makeup photographs "lighter" than it will look in the mirror.

do you charge travel or location fees?

All collections include distance parameters*. If you want to shoot outside of those, then yes, you'll need to pay a small travel fee that covers my gas and extra time to drive to your desired location. If you have a specific spot in mind, just ask and I'll get you a travel quote.

As far as any on location fees, if there are any then yes, you would cover the cost of those. Examples of places that charge are Thanksgiving Point Gardens, McCune Mansion, Grand America Hotel, La Caille Restaurant, etc. If you would like to book a studio session, the studio I rent charges $65/hr.

*Travel outside of downtown Salt Lake is not available for the Simple Collection. I'm able to offer this collection only because it's so close to my home.

How many pictures will we receive?

I don't limit the number of proof images I deliver to you. I want you to have all the keepers and a few bloopers too! But if you're looking for a number, you can plan on at least 40 images/per hour shooting time for most sessions. Family sessions will yield fewer images overall because it takes more time to corral and pose multiple people, especially little ones.

What's the difference between a digital proof and an art file?

Digital proofs have not been retouched or enhanced in anyway. They are basically straight out of camera. They're 2500px on the longest size and are perfect for digital use or small prints up to 11x14 in size.

Art files have been professional retouched and enhanced (including head swaps as needed for family portraits) and are ready to use for a finished art piece. They're 5500px wide and suitable to enlarge to any size desired. You will receive two copies of each image ordered as an art file, one in color and one in black and white.

When will we get our photos?

Your will receive an online gallery link with all your proof photos within ten days or less of your session. You will download all your proof images from this gallery, as well as your desired high-res art edits once they're finished. To select these edits and any images for your book or album, you'll make a favorites list within your gallery. If desired, you can order additional finished portrait art right from the gallery including prints, canvases, books, albums and even framed digital paintings which are legit works of art!

Can I add more images to my book?

Absolutely! Add more images to your book for $10/image and $15/image to an album. Didn't get a book in your collection but wish you had? 40 image books are $600. 80 image albums are $1500.

what are the finished wall art options?

You can choose from a mounted giclee wall print or canvas gallery wrap. Upgrade to a canvas wall grouping or digitally painted portrait for $300.

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