about liz

about liz

welcome to my colorful life

I created this family portrait when we were all stuck home together during the pandemic. I call it "Quarantined". Just like that we were living a new life. Suddenly I was home schooling and my husband now worked out of my son's bedroom. The reality of raising five humans amid a world in chaos was overwhelming. I coped with creativity. I learned to paint. I started customizing dolls and writing stories. And every day I just did the best I could.

It was hard and beautiful in all the ways I'd never known. I didn't have clients. I wasn't getting published on the cover of a magazine or winning awards. No one paid me for anything I did. There were no more boxes left to check or strangers to impress. Instead, every day I focused on the humans around me and remembered how lucky I was to be surrounded by love. And color. And so much light. It was exactly what I needed in my life. I didn't have to photograph anyone. Instead, I got to choose to capture those I loved most. No doubt you'll notice portraits of my kids all over this site. But I can't offer you a more authentic representation of my work than the kind I grew from the womb up.

Now if you're curious to know all the professional photography boxes I checked pre-pandemic do scroll down; I will bust out the resume just for you. But on your way there, I hope you enjoy a peak at the art that hangs on my kitchen wall because it brings me more joy than anything on my resume. It's how we add color to an otherwise white snow day; if school gets cancelled, we make a mess with cereal and call it art!

professional resume


  • Graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication from the University of Utah
  • Earned the Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman degrees from Professional Photographers of America


  • Named Photographer of the Year twice by Intermountain Professional Photographers Association with numerous 1st place finishes
  • Named a Diamond Photographer of the Year with PPA's International Print Competition
  • Won a Grand Imaging Award in the wedding album category with multiple top ten finishes throughout the years at PPA's Imaging USA
  • Earned the Imaging Excellence Award from PPA for having 13 images accepted into the prestigious Loan Collection

featured in

  • Professional Photographer Magazine on the Cover and in the Folio section five times as well as a feature article about my business entitled "Having it All"
  • Utah Bride & Groom Magazine in the Real Weddings, Galleries and Wedding Album sections
  • Latter Day Bride Magazine in the Real Weddings section
  • The New Era Magazine four times with fine art images
  • Century Magazine and Lessons Journal on the Covers multiple times
  • Advertising for Snowbird Resort, Versa Artistry, Gateway Bridal, The Brides Shop, Simply Color Lab, Finao


Vivienne Annice

“You can't see my hand but I'm holding a lady bug. I caught five while my mom was taking my picture. I put my own lipstick on too but my mom curled my hair. I'm good at taking pictures.”

01 / 05

“Taking pictures gets Liz excited and I'm not one to complain...”