for the creative at heart

If you're looking for incredible, professional, award-winning photography captured by an everyday human who takes one day a week "off" from her regular mom-wife-love your neighbor-life to photograph other humans, then you're in luck! I do just that.

My name is Liz Frandsen and I fill my creative cup working for you. I only schedule one client per week which enables me to show up for you in big ways. I promise quick communication, an easy shooting experience, a ten day turn around with so many lovely images to choose from you're going to need a book to hold your favorites. Just printing one for the wall simply won't do, but it's a good start.

After specializing in weddings for over a decade, I'm excited to make more time for the creative process that is portrait photography. I am still available for wedding work, especially engagement and bride and groom pre-wedding sessions, but my wedding day collections have been reduced. I am so excited to photograph the humans you love and I can't wait to see you turn the pages of their story. It will fill your cup!

How it Works

Creating Art Together

In my experience, the formula for a really great portrait goes like this: human + well planned outfit + background to match + beautiful light and pose = eye candy. I rely on you to bring the human. Together we decide on the right outfit and a location to match. While shooting, I'll pose you into the perfect light. You follow the prompts I give and voila, ART!

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“I'd seen liz's work over the years, but because i'm a single woman without children i never thought of hiring a photographer. what would she photograph? Me, by myself? Well that's exactly what she did and i loved it. i felt she saw me and helped me to see myself, my value, my strength and my beauty in a whole new way. it was a truly beautiful experience and i'm so grateful to have shared it with liz.”